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Accelerator© is the ideal business building program for you, if you are looking to make the most productive use of your valuable time by going directly to preset appointments with pre-retiree prospects, who own a 401(k) and are interested in tax saving strategies for retirement!

Accelerator© is designed for you if you are looking to take the drudgery of prospecting off of your plate.

Accelerator© turns identifying, engaging and booking appointments with qualified leads into an automated system, so you can focus on your highest commission earning tasks...meeting with prospects, following up with prospects, presenting proposals and closing business.

Accelerator© is built for you…the driven annuity and life insurance agent looking to add predictability to your prospecting and future cash flow while building systemization into your marketing process. It's the path to realize the full potential of your business. It’s a Breakthrough to a better life.

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